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Stanford Update

I'm about to go to bed (it's 2:46 am) and get up at 8:15am to "read" 2 books and write a paragraph on each for PWR (Stanford's course that teaches you how to write, basically. Program in Writing and Rhetoric). Luckily it's about how teens are presented in the media, and I'm all about teens in the media.
So things here are crazy busy.  I feel like I'm constantly working so I'm going to try to start working ahead. Especially after handing in a problem set for vector calculus that I'm sure I'm getting less than a 50% on...
In between the working, though, I have been having fun.  In the beginning, life was not so busy, so my friends and I would have laundry parties.  Now when I do laundry, I bring homework with me in the laundry room and do it as my clothes are washing and drying.
So far I've written two papers, one on Drew Barrymore and the other on Boethius. Oh college, how you amuse me.  My roommate's name is Lex (like the Luthor, but that's not actually his last name) and he's from Connecticut. I'm not especially close to him, but we get along well, so that's good.
I do have friends here, as I alluded to before, and they're all amazing and special in their own ways.
The biggest difference between college and high school is the chill factor.  You slept through a lecture? Not a big deal! Everything's on you, so you can choose whether or not to go to lecture.
I'm sure there's more, but I'm about to collapse.

For some reason (aka because of Jamie Tam's shared library love) "Going Through the Motions" has been stuck in my head, and since last night, so has "Something to Sing About."  Even though I've never even seen the episode "Once More, With Feeling," the music is still really good.
Have some lyrics:

Every single night the same arrangement
I go out and fight the fight.
Still I always feel the strangest strangement
Nothing here is real, nothing here is right.
I've been making shows of trading blows
just hoping no one knows
That i've been going through the motions
walking through the part.
Nothing seems to penetrate my heart

I was always brave and kind of righteous
Now I find I'm wavering.
Crawl out of your grave you'll find this fight,
just doesn't mean a thing.

She ain't got that swing

Thanks for noticing!

She does pretty well with things from hell
but lately we can tell she's been going through the motions.
Faking it somehow.
She's not even half the girl she....ow

Will I stay this way forever?
Sleep walk through my life's endeavor.

How can i repay you-
I don't want to be...
going through the motions,
loosing all my drive
I can't even see, if this is really me
and i just want to be....

I'll try to update again with more details, funny anecdotes, all that good stuff. For now, goodnight!
Yeah, I was just reading old entries of mine.
A lot of it I don't understand, but it makes me laugh anyway.
Oh, 2004, such a silly year for me.

Back From the Future

My laptop is coming tomorrow! Which is exciting, because it went back and forth through time.  It started out in Hong Kong on the 15th, went to Japan on the 16th, then arrived in the US on the 15th again.  That international dateline is a wily thing, let me tell you.  Now it looks like it's clearing customs (it's been held in Kentucky for the past day or so by those dastardly Republicans! That's my story, at least) and it'll hopefully safely make it out of that Republican territory into nice and blue Niskayuna, NY. :-D

[Actually, I had to click a link saying "I approve the delay," even though it wasn't delayed! It was only delayed by my not clicking the link saying "I approve the delay," which is confusing, but
some sort of irony, I think.  :-P]

I got a photo-ID badge, which is exciting.  Work isn't really, just scanning and stuff.

Quick poll: Where should I move to: Denver or Los Angeles?

Suh-weet! (literally)

I am luckier than Herr Carosella! The day is won!

Kyrie Eleison

1.  The Requiem is over! Now I need to buy a professional version on CD, and our perfomance on DVD, and I'll be set.   I was sammiched right between the basses and the trumpets and the singers, but from where I was sitting, it sounded AMAZING! The singers were astounding, and everything went really well, I think.

2.  Who wants to go to SPAC with me to see Guster? I think the lawn tickets are $15, but right now only the reserved tickets (which I'm assuming are the tickets for inside) are on sale. It would be the night of Thursday, August 17th, if anyone's interested in going. (AKA please come with me! Even if you don't know Guster, it'll be lots of fun, I promise!)

3.  I haven't started the Government multiple choice yet. Boo, on homework!

Summer reading? Pshh!

As it turns out, my preconceived notion that summer reading would end with high school is wrong:

"In a few weeks, we will send you the three books that will constitute your summer reading. They are: Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner, Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains, and Julie Orringer's How to Breathe Underwater. During Orientation, authors will participate in a moderated discussion followed by your questions, and then you will return to your dorm for a more intimate conversation about the books with your dormmates"

Not much is happening, hence the paucity and dearth of updates! (I miss McD's vocab lists!)

Some lyrics, since I have a chem project to do that I haven't started yet, and that requires lots and lots of citations.


Akeelah and the Bee is a really good movie.  I would definitely see it again, if anyone wants to see it with me.  It was funny, sad, inspirational, touching, so many good things, especially emotional.  Definitely an emotional movie.  I don't really want to say anything more, just that you should see it. Yes, YOU should see it.

I feel like I should have more homework to do for Monday/Tuesday, but I think it was just the Government outline. I've been studying for APs a lot, so I haven't really done a lot of homework.  I finished my biggest time-waster (Kingdom Hearts II - yes, deep down I am a bit of a gamer at heart), so that was satisfying, and good to have that out of the way now.  The West Wing "reunion special" is on tomorrow night, so we'll see if it is indeed a reunion special, or just a "Rob-Lowe-is-coming-back-to-guest-star" special.  Hopefully Ainsley, Mallory, and Joey will have bigger roles in coming episodes. 

How do you people fill up entries? Maybe it's because my break was boring, but I always find myself struggling to fill an entry with amusing anecdotes from my day. Well, there was that one time...etc etc.

Well, since this isn't a terribly exciting entry, here's a monologue from the movie where Princess Leia goes:
a lot.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning is madness. Right now the upstairs of my house is crazy, since I'm sleeping in my old room, my parents are sleeping in my room, and a whole bunch of stuff is crammed in my sister's room. We're getting new carpeting, but before that's done we have to paint the walls, so that's what my parents are doing. We're painting the walls a nice off-white color (eggshell, methinks), so that'll make all of the upstairs rooms look bigger and cleaner. The carpeting (since you care deeply about the future of my house, I know) is a sandyish color that will brighten up the upstairs hallway and make it seem not as narrow. All good things, in my opinion. I'm supposed to be doing a Government outline, but I'm taking a break, since I feel like I've been working too hard this vacation. I feel like I was about to say something, but the thought escapes me. Oops!

Apparently President Bush is/may be visiting the Hoover Institute today (where, coincidentally, the fictional Ainsley Hayes works), so my sister is attending the rally if he is, in fact, there today. The Stanford Democrats (a hefty chunk of the student population) are all wearing black today to protest everything wrong with this administration, which I think is neat. No one will confirm/deny whether or not he's coming, due to security reasons, I'm guessing.

OH! Haha! I remembered what I was going to say. This webquest is really neat. If you're a finalist, they send you one of the Crypetx thingamabobbers (from the book) with clues as to how to open it. (I'm assuming they put vinegar or something in it so that you can't force it open.) Plus, all you have to do to enter the contest is play the puzzle each and every day for 24 days. The puzzles are actually pretty easy, but they're supposed to get harder. We'll see. It's an excellent way to waste time, if nothing else.

There are a whole bunch of movies coming out soon that I really want to see. Such as: Akeelah and the Bee, American Dreamz, The Sentinel, and Mission Impossible III. Anyone want to see them with me? It's been ages since I've gone to the movies without le parents, so it would be fun to go with friends instead.
GUSTER CONCERT! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skip the next part if you don't listen to Guster....
They played lots of my favorites: Demons, Barrel, Manifest, Fa Fa, Center, Downstairs, I Spy, Happier, Great Escape, Mona Lisa, and Diane.
They didn't play, but should have: So Long, Either Way, Careful, All the Way Up to Heaven, Two Points for Honesty, and What You Wish For.
Overall, lots of LAGF with some KIT, so that was good. New songs were great too, so I'm psyched for their new album.

Yeah. My ears are sorta dying, and my legs are killing me. But it was SO WORTH IT!
Yeah, this is a Guster-centric entry. And I'm not writing about anything else.
Except that I have a free energy bar (Chocolate Brownie!) so I'm saving it for when I'm hungry, and now doesn't count.
I am SO TIRED, and SO HAPPY. Whooo, I love vacation.

You can always change your mind

GUSTER CONCERT TOMORROW!  I'm pysched, but I feel that some people like Guster because it's "cool" to like Guster.  Eh.  If they don't know that "Lost and Gone Forever" is AMAZING, it's their loss.  I'm carpooling with Steph (speaking of which Steph, I'll call you tomorrow to set that up. How early do you get up? I can call around noon), so that'll be tons of fun, since she always makes me laugh.  Calculus today was short (which was nice) so I wasted the rest of the time taking Kevin's survey for his German presentation (which was a lot like mine, since we did a presentation on music too...) and just hanging.

We saw "25" in Government yesterday, which marks the SECOND episode of West Wing we've seen in class. And we didn't even see the whole thing! Mrs. Salvin promised that we would watch more after the APs.  I oh-so-helpfully suggested that we watch my favorite episode (I consider it 1 mega-episode), In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, since that episode also talks about the 25th amendment (which is why we watched "25" -- the last episode Aaron Sorkin wrote!). I think we'll watch it, which is good, since it's AMAZING in so many respects.  The flashbacks, the editing, the revelations, everything.  Here's another monologue without further ado:
My mom and dad were discussing the personalities of the characters on "The OC," and no consensus was reached.  My dad thinks the characters are "witchy"/catty, my mom  was impressed how much some of the characters have matured.  My dad made a cat sound after calling them catty. That was quite amusing.  My parents are crazy sometimes. No, wait, always. They're pretty much always crazy, but in the same way I'm crazy, so it works out well.

I love that picture of Martin Sheen, mostly because of the face he's making.